2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - smoke under the hood

DrivIng on highway, and engine stops, but vehicle was still moving. All lights on dash came on like you turned the key to the “on” position, but did not start the engine. Pressing the gas did nothing.

Pulled over to shoulder and stoped the vehicle. Turned vehicle off, and tried to start again, nothing happened. Then smoke began to come from under the hood. Popped hood, and saw smoke coming from left side of the vehicle (the right side of you are sitting in the car).

Now, on the dash, when the vehicle is in the on position, the check engine, steering, oil, and battery light are on.

I just had the oils changed less than a month ago, there is gas in the tank, and vehicle has 99784 miles on it.

Any ideas on what it could be?

The list is almost endless based on your description. Smoke is NEVER a good sign!

Best to have it towed to the dealer IF it is still under warranty. If you are the original owner, I believe it is still under warranty.

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What about the engine oil level and the coolant level . . . to name just a few things

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Sounds like another Theta II engine failure, no fire this time so that is a plus for Hyundai.

Took it to the dealer and they said the engine locked up, and I need a new one that they would replace. He also mentioned a recall that may have been why the engine turned off.

The good thing is that it is under warranty, so I pay nothing.


Last I checked those were fine. No evidence of any leakage.

Lucky you, 216 miles before engine warranty lapsed! :wink:

Ha ha I know…when the tech said it was under warranty, I smiled from ear to ear…and laughed to myself when I got home. Shame it’s gonna take up to a month to get my car back. Dealership said they have a lot of engines to replace.