2014 Hyundai Equus - No problem found

does anyone have problems with there hyundia and when you take it for repairs to dealer they tell u nothing
was found bad

That happens all the time with all makes of cars.

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That’s a good thing when a dealer checks over your vehicle and finds nothing wrong (bad)…

…unless you took it in with a specific complaint/complaints and they tell you nothing was found.

Unfortunately, that is a fairly common occurrence at car dealer, particularly when the vehicle is under factory warranty. The reason is that warranty often does not adequately compensate mechanics/technicians for their time/effort.

Another reason this happens is because a problem could be intermittent and not present itself to the service employees or they don’t take the time for a necessary road test needed to understand certain complaints. Also, sometimes customers don’t adequately explain the problem they are experiencing and nobody bothers to seek more information.

More information is needed

You don’t say…
…whether or not the car was taken in with a specific complaint and what the nature of the complaint is exactly, whether or not the complaint and remedy would be covered by warranty, and whether or not the complaint symptoms come and go (are intermittent) or are constant.

No offense intended . . .

You’re going about this the wrong way, if you want advice and help

But if you just want to rant, go ahead

Now then, if you want help . . . tell us what your specific concerns are, and we’ll do our best to help you

Don’t worry about any other 2014 Hyundai Equus owners . . . they can’t help you, and whatever problems they may or may not be experiencing shouldn’t affect your attitude whatsoever

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