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2014 Hyundai Equus - Low miles Sludge

2014 Equus Ultimate engine went bad after 32K miles; oil in the engine, timing chain, and sludge built up. Please help if anyone has the same problem

Was the oil properly changed according to the maintenance schedule?

Yes oil changes were completed. No advance warning or lights cane on.

So, you bought this car new?

Usually sludge build up is a result of infrequent oil changes. Sounds like that’s not the case here, but…sometimes stuff just happens. Machines do fail. Sorry.

Good luck.

Some engine designs over the years have been experiencing sludge even when properly maintained.

Thanks for your comment, ironic it’s happened in the Sonata, Santa Fe, and a number of Kia which is owned by Hyundai. And the manufacturer still won’t honor the warranty.

We still don’t know anything substantive regarding the car’s oil changes. “Oil changes were completed” tells us only that the oil was changed more than once.

In view of the fact that this car has been driven–on average–only about 8k miles per year, I hope that the oil was regularly changed on the basis of elapsed time, rather than on the basis of odometer mileage.

How many times was the oil changed in the 4 years that you have owned this car?

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and how often have you checked the oil level between oil changes?

The manufacture recommendations are 7,500 miles or 12 months and I bought the care with 3k miles on it so I have had 5 times.

It was checked at least once a month and it was fine. I just had it changed within 50 miles of this occurring.

What were the symptoms when it the engine “went bad”?

Did you get a second opinion? Was this the dealer? Why did they say they would not honor the warrantee?

Next step would be to go up the chain to Hyundai headquarters. Info should be in your owners manual.

Started car one morning and a terrible knocking noise so took it directly to the dealer. They were arrogant and said “you better get your oil receipts together” as soon as we brought it in. We did go to Hyundai but they said it’s not covered under warranty. We are going through the BBB and the manufacturer did have an inspector come look at it since the dealer has it all torn apart. No word back from them at this point. Our arbitration meeting is in 2 weeks. All I can do is provide my side of things and try to discredit the manufacturer with other engine issues. I don’t have any reviews specifically for this model but many from other models. Any idea where I could go to post the issue to get the more responses? Trying to capture as broad of an audience as I can to hopefully get someone else in the same situation with this model.


There must be a reason the warranty was denied.


repeat …


So, this is the 5L V8? Did you use full synthetic oil? Can you prove the car wasn’t abused (think “raced”) before you bought it?

Hyundai likes to deny warranty coverage if it came in with low oil and this car can consume/burn above average amounts of oil. Most car manuals will advise to check the engine oil weekly or some similar frequency. If the owner never checked oil and never topped off between changes, Hyundai may deny coverage since the engine was neglected and cooked the remaining oil to sludge.

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Said sludge build up and said I didn’t maintain it. I changed the oil changes religiously. Never had any light or sensor appear at all.


It was never licensed, I was technically the first owner. Yes 5L V8


do they have anything to base this on?