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What if the dealer can't fix a car under warranty?

Hello everyone –

I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata that ran fine until about four months ago. Then the check engine light started coming on, so I took it to the dealer. The car was still under warranty. Dealer has tried to fix it several times, with no success (light comes back on every few days).

At first, they thought it was an evap leak in fuel tank, then something else, then they replaced the Body Control Manual. I’ve been into the dealer eight times on this. That’s not an exaggeration.

Now, it’s worse. They replaced the junction box, and now the car will not even recognize the body control module. Tech says he can’t get any codes, that it’s just like it won’t recognize it at all. Car isn’t driveable and the techs say they’ve never seen anything like this. Like there are gremlins in the car or something.

So here’s my question, really … If an owner of a car that is still under warranty takes it to the dealer and the dealer cannot fix it, what is the next step? Does this ever happen? Is the manufacturer required to provide some kind of replacement?

This has been really frustrating. Thanks.

There’s usually some kind of contact information for the manufacturer in your owner’s manual. At this point, I’d contact them, politely explain the situation, and ask them that question.

Similar to what lion9car said, push the dealer into asking for help from the mfr. We encountered this a couple of years ago with a domestic brand but the dealer was smart enough to ask for help from the mfr. w/o our urging and the problem was solved. If Hyundai does not have this available, then that tells you a little about what you need to know about them when you choose your next car.

Another facet of a situation such as this is that Hyundai, like so many offshore brands, has relatively few dealers. Otherwise another dealer is an option. Mechanics are not all created equal.

Check out your state’s “Lemon Law.”

Start here -

Since your car is under warranty, you may be entitled to a replacement.

Thanks. I’ll see how Hyundai responds.