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2014 Hyundai Elantra trunk pops open

2014 Elantra trunk popping open two dealerships refused to acknowledge it was happening.

More explanation please… popping open when you don’t want it to? When does that happen? When you are driving? The car is off and parked? What?

Hyundai’s have very sensitive trunk release buttons on the key fob, putting in your pocket, purse, cat stepping on it can open the trunk.

Having the fob in my jeans pocket and sitting down on the couch in the house would open my trunk.


That is exactly what I described to a westherford texas dealership and an Irving texas dealership. Both dealerships ignored me. I told them it was the fob. I felt like because I was a woman they werent listening. I had to roll in 9 grand into my new car purchase to get rid of this car trunk that kept popping open but they said there was mothing wrong. They lost my hyundai business for life.

If the fob is particularly sensitive to squeezing or pressure… you dont need to throw the baby out with the bathwater here.

Take a look at the FOB… construction of these devices vary wildly so I could be completely wrong but… I would look at how it is put together and see if I could induce a “dumbing down” of the sensitivity of the trunk pop button. How would depend on the fob construction…mite be possible (probably is), otherwise just being aware of its sensitivity may help you avoid this issue…No?

I think this means the Hyundai has been replaced .
Of course it was never said when the trunk opened and how often . The dealers can’t do much if they can’t duplicate the problem.

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I know it’s not helpful but this sort of thing happens with newer cars. My Corolla spontaneously locks itself occasionally when I’m just standing near it. I’m just grateful it doesn’t randomly unlock itself.