Trunk Opens on its own

Does anyone else have a problem with the trunk randomly opening by itself on the Hyundai Elantra?

Does your key fob have a ‘trunk open’ button?

Yes it does. There is also a trunk release button on the driver’s door.

So, does it open while you are driving or while you are parked, or both?

Opens only when parked

Where do you keep you keys & fob ?

From personal experience ;
When all the keys & fobs are stored together with other items ( pocket or purse ) buttons get pushed.

I don’t have any trunk buttons for my three trucks but that panic button sure likes to get in the way when I sit down ( keys in my pocket ) or when my wife plops down her purse…bee bee bee bee !

Button pushing’s my guess, too. How often does this happen? Once/day? /week? /month?

This happens once or twice a week.
Guess the key fob is poorly designed.