2014 Honda CR-V - Headlight issue

Hi I purchased my 2014 Honda CRV used in 2018. It’s been a great car except I have had to replace the the headlight bulbs approximately 7 times. Either the passenger or drivers side head light will go out; it is not always the same headlight bulb. We’ve used mostly Sylvania replacement lights. Any idea what could be causing the headlights to fail so frequently?
Thank you
Jane & Jim

first dont touch the bulb as you are putting it in. wear a glove.
if moister is getting in the lens, socket or connector it can cause it to short out.


Why do my headlights keep burning out? (boston.com)

Any other bulbs burning out? You could have a problem with voltage being too high. Not likely, but a possibility.

do the wire harness where they plug into the bulbs look ok? Any burn or wear marks inside where the wires are? I’ve had to replace wire harness ends to help this issue on several vehicles

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