2011 Honda Civic recently replaced headlight went out again

2011 civic sedan- replaced drivers side headlight 2 weeks ago. today it doesn’t work?

The bulb or the entire headlight assembly?

Did you handle the bulb with your bare fingers?

If you did, oil from your skin gets deposited on the surface of the bulb. This oil creates hot spots on the bulb and the bulb burns out.



I have had new bulbs in cars and in the house burn out soon after they were installed. If the OP didn’t handle the glass part of the bulb with bare fingers, it probably was a manufacturing defect. I replaced a turning signal bulb on an Uplander that I owned. Two days later, the new bulb burned out. Fortunately, the bulbs came in a package of two. The new bulb lasted as long as I owned the vehicle.
When I replace bulbs and have to be up on a ladder, I have someone flip the switch on and I wait a.couple of minutes before coming down and putting away the ladder.

High beam works, low beam doesn’t . Fuses are good. I think it is the “column switch “ it will not hold in the high beam on position… does that help? Make sense? Thanks!

One headlight out stalk would not be my first guess. Is there evidence of moisture in the headlight assembly?

Are you sure you put in the correct bulb? these are combination bulbs.

Correct bulbs. No moisture present. I wore gloves, bulb never touched anything…

No moisture. I wore gloves, bulb never touched anything. Worked for 8 days no problems. Thanks!

What Tester said. I’m a light airplane owner (Piper Seneca). The replacement bulbs I use in my position lights (made by Grimes, Inc.) each have a label warning against handling with bare hands.

I wore gloves. I have changed bulbs before in Honda’s- never had this issue. New bulb no moisture or skin contact. Worked for 8 days… high beam works. Fuses are good… thanks!

At least I hope your bulbs are easy to replace, check there is voltage if you can, had a honda not too far back on this site, dealer cost $200 to replace headlight bulbs!

Have you checked the following component like a fuse, relay, or module?