Honda CRV & Burned Out Headlights

We replaced the driverside headlight on our 2005 Honda CRV 3 times. Currently at 55,000 miles. The dealer says there is no problem. Number 2 was in January 09 and number 3 today 4/21/09. Any ideas on a root cause?

  1. Wrong bulb.
  2. You’re touching the bulb.
  3. Bad bulb socket.
  4. Excess vibration.
  5. Regulator over voltage.
  6. You and/or the car are cursed.

The dealer is installing the bulbs and is incisting there isn’t a problem.

I have also a 2005 Honda CR-V. The left low beam headlight has burned out four times since last August. After inspecting the electrical system, the only thing that the dealer gives me as an option is to use a Honda bulb instead of a third party bulb.

I found a possible cause at:

See sam2000pres, they cleaned corrosion from the dimmer switch.

Turning a light rapidly on, and off, or vibration, will shorten its life. The on and off doesn’t have to be complete on and offs. If the power keeps changing (varies) several times a seconds, you won’t see it; but, it will still have the same effect…shortened bulb life. There are several ways this can happen: the light relay may be unstable, causing unstable power. Wire connections, at connectors, to the lamp, to the grounding point, etc., will cause power interruptions.
The voltage needs to be carefully measured and observed, at the lamp connection, with the engine running (alternator running). AC and DC voltages should be checked. The grounding resistance should be carefully measured.
Switch the headlamp relays. If the other headlight burns out, next, the problem may be in that headlight relay.

You seem to have eliminated every common problem other than vibration.