2003 GMC Savana 1500 -Peeling paint

My GMC 2003 SAVANA paint was pealing. I took it to the dealer where I bought it. They said they couldn’t help. Called GM they couldn’t help. I finally had to do something so it wouldn’f rust. I had it painted ($6.000) in 2016. The company did a good job. Now in 2022 the roof started to peel. I called conpany that painted it. They are no longer in business. Guess I’m out $6,000 !?
I never received a recall on my van. Little people lose!

Recalls are for safety issues.

Not peeling paint.



Recalls are for late model cars that have safety issues. Paint is not a safety issue and does not affect the operation or use of the car. Also the car was 13 years old when you had it painted, which is more than the expected useful lifespan of the car.

At this point we are nearing 20 years since the manufacture of your van. I’m sure your house needs new paint every 20 years too.


I realize you are frustrated, but paint problems are a pretty common complaint here, esp since the paint formulations changed to reduce solvent evaporation which damages the air quality. So we get better air on the + side, but less robust paint on the - side. It’s a compromise. Suggest to just accept the situation, not lose any sleep.

If you want your GMC repainted, do it. Suggest to ask friends, relatives, co-workers who they’ve used for auto painting, and choose one of those shops that have been in business for quite a long time. With Covid smalll businesses are going out of business all the time of course but i expect that technique will increase your odds of getting a good paint job that will last and if it doesn’t, at least the shop’s warranty will help.

was this a work van with white or school bus yellow paint?

If so, they ALL have peeling paint within just a few years

That would explain the 1st time the paint was peeling on your van

When I had body work done on my car, the paint was guaranteed for life against defects. Life being the car, me, or the business, whichever comes first. Be nice to businesses we want them around.

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Evidently, they did not do such a good job, as the paint is peeling again. Proper surface prep should have prevented a second paint failure.

Yes, the money is gone. I am actually incredulous that you spent so much money to paint a then 13-year-old van in 2016. I think you overpaid by at least twice as much. Even today, I would expect a decent paint job to cost around half of what you paid.

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I’d go to a few well-rated body shops and get bids to repaint the roof.

Is van parked in garage? Car port?

On a vehicle this old, I would go the rattle can route after good surface prep.