Strange car noise only when hot weather

My 2008 ford fusion only makes this strange noise when it’s hot outside never in the winter! The longer I drive the noise starts to get worse. It’s mostly the front end of my car. When ever I turn the steering wheel it also make the noise and feels like a rubbing. When I get out the car it make the noise also I guess because of my weight. It’s sound like a rattling roller coaster before it drops. No one can every figure out wtf the noise is and I’m getting annoyed please help. I also have a video of the noise if you would like to hear it

Has a qualified mechanic actually driven your car?
When you take it in, no need to mention the summer/winter difference, it actually might delay the diagnosis. But it is an interesting phenomenon.

Kind of a croaking sound? Have 'em check to see if your spiral cable is making noise.

YES ! I went to the ford dealership.

Its like a knocking or rattling Sound. You can also hear it in the outside while it’s driving.

Post a sound clip

its not letting me upload the video because im a new user wtf

upload it to Youtube, then link it here

This is a common problem for fusions. Sounds like you need to replace your control arms.

I have the same problem in hot weather , please do u solve it , tell me how u sole it , thanks