2014 Ford F-150 - Transmission issues since new

I think the issue is more that if they don’t get the answer they want to hear, they don’t return.


Can’t “return” to a place they have never been.
This complaint was placed at Car Complaints, the OP is receiving each reply, 10 of them off-topic and can sort through the number of remedies (?).

Considering the dialog in most of the threads lately I am not surprised people don’t want to interact.

That is a waste of time. To qualify for buy-back generally there must be 3 failed repair attempts. Dissatisfaction with the transmission shift schedule does not qualify as a failure, therefore no repair attempt.

If the dealer did not observe the problem, I would have requested that they have the mechanic ride with me, since it always happened when I drove the vehicle. I would also Google the problem, to see if others have the same complaint.

This is a one and done post. The original poster has chosen to not respond to any questions or comments.
I stand by my guess there is absolutely nothing wrong. His truck has a small engine, transmission shifts appropriately.