2014 Ford Escape - Fob Prob

The car can’t find the fob and it want let me start the car, I have to take it out of my purse and push the bottoms, then the light will come on and it will let me start it. I will be driving and the locks go up and down, when I try to lock the car, it will unlock the doors and I have to use the lock on the door, also the hazard lights will come on flashing while I am driving, I hit the steering wheel and it stops. I have had it at the Ford Dealership for 2 days and they tell me they can not find anything wrong and it never did any of the things I told them about.

Ask the shop if they’ll keep the car and ask one of their staff to drive it as their daily driver. Eventually the problem will occur and then they’ll be able to figure out what’s causing it. Likely a loose connection somewhere. Ask politely and they may give you a loaner car in the meantime. Until it occurs while they are diagnosising the problem it will be very difficult to solve.

Unless you are willing to pay them by the hour, then I expect they’ll be happy to oblige, work on it 8 hours a day every day. Hold on to your wallet though. You best bet is the above idea imo. Either that or just live with it. I have no problem starting either of my cars using a plain old key. Windows? No problem with those either, I just roll them up & down with the window crank.

Silly question but have you tried replacing the battery in the fob?

The systems that are displaying erratic operation can be caused by a bad BCM.