Mystery- Genesis starts (keyless push start system) without the key fob in the car

I have a Hyundai Genesis 2011 V6 3.8 sedan. The door was unlocked (I think-I usually push the button the car door to get in), I got in the car, and pushed the push start system. The engine started, and I was able to drive 10 miles. When I got out and tried to find the key fob in my pants pocket to lock the car in the parking lot, I couldn’t find it. After looking underneath the seats and such, I drove it to a Hyundai dealer and three people there tried looking for the key fob. No luck. They even opened the trunk, the engine, the glove compartments, searched every nook and cranny, especially by the driver’s seat, for a combined total of one hour.

The dealer service technicians and the manager there told me that the car shouldn’t be able to start unless the key fob was somewhere inside the car. My husband also searched for the key fob for 30 minutes later that day. Couldn’t find it. We of course checked my handbag. I even went more than 20 feet away from the car with my handbag, and my husband was able to start the car by pushing the push start button. So the logical conclusion is that the key fob is somewhere in the car. But we really looked hard. The key fob is the typical size, about an inch by two inches, not the size of a needle, so it’s odd that it wasn’t found.

***Could it be that the electrical signalling system for my fob is somehow the problem? I am considering whether to replace the key fob or first take the car back to a different dealer and have the electrical systems(?) checked out.

We had a spare key fob at home, so I was able to lock the car with that spare. But we don’t want to just rely on this spare fob, because I might lose it or the day I park and leave the car unlocked somewhere and someone thinks to get into the car seeing it’s unlocked, he can just drive away with the car. Unlikely scenario, but hypothetically possible, and I’m risk averse.

look in the crack of the seat?

the key fob is still in the car, you need to find it.

That’s a MUCH better situation than if the car refused to start when the fob was in the car…Be thankful…If you placed it on the dash, maybe it dropped down a defroster vent…

The fancier the plumbing…
I’ll stick with a key, thank you.

Unless you have both key fobs in front of you, one is in the car somewhere. They’re small, so they can disappear into little nooks that you’d have a tough time locating. Keep searching.