2012 Ford Escape - pressing key fob set off blinking lights

Pressed key fob to unlock door head lights and all dash lights immediately started blinking rapidly until it killed the battery. Jumped car, it started immediately and ran for two months with no issues before it happed again. Mechanic at dealer says there are no faults shown on computer. They kept the car 3 days and can’t duplicate problem. Any ideas?

Are there any aftermarket electronics? Remote starter, antitheft system, audio gear? Might a seller have installed a system to disable the car if the payments have not been all made on time?

No. Just original equipment. I bought the car new from Ford the summer of 2012 & gave it to my son with about 80k miles on it last September. I never had any problems with it at all. They had some problems with the moon roof leaking on the passenger side but got those resolved.

Did he touch the panic button by mistake? It seems like lights flashing plus horn honking would occur when the panic button is pushed. If this is right, then the horn circuit should be checked. See if the lights flash with no horn when the panic button is pushed. Push the button again or start the car to turn the flashing lights off.

No, That was my suspicion at first too but he said the horn never honked. You know how when you hit the panic button by mistake the lights and horn go off in a steady rhythmic way? He said this was very rapid fire and no horn. I almost wonder if It could be something with the fob?