2014 Dodge Charger is a death trap

gone to pep boys on genway in cincinnati ohio, to get battery replace, they had open truck to replace battery, they aslo decied to cut wireing harness in front, to give the same error code with bad battery, so car refuse go out first grear, i done wireing all my life, so i was able repair damage and car would run, there been 3 recalls in last 6 months on car, now doge tells me they will do no other recalls on it, i have pay for all it, there been over 8 to 10 recalls on it, not say all work i had to do on it, i had replace two front hubs at 190,00 each plus labor passager side axle had be replace, cirter carrer barring had be replace, and a 200,00 battery had be replace, this car is death trap, as all recalls had do with people getting hurt or dieing

Well that is your FIRST problem…

Did you have a question? Or just complaints?


Part of the problem may be your communication skills. Your post is almost unreadable.

Who told you Dodge won’t do anymore recalls unless you pay for them and what reason did they give you? How high up the food chain at Dodge were they?


Dodge can not predict if there will be future recalls. Recall ARE paid for by the manufacturer,

What “truck” did they open? Did Pepboys explain why or how they cut the wiring harness. Why did they not replace the harness?

Is Dodge refusing to do recalls because you are all caught up? or because of the butcher job that it sounds like PepBoys did on your car?
or something different?

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