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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan - Quits

Recently the engine quits running without warning and sometime the motor doesn’t start (present mileage is (25,331). This time an 18 wheeler log truck with a full load was behind me and with no power; it was very difficult to safely maneuver to the shoulder to avoid traffic and not to cause an accident or hurt someone.

I have had it checked out twice within the past two months at a local Dodge dealer. They indicated it should still be under factory warranty. I would appreciate Dodge’s assistance in this regard.

Since the dealer said it is under warranty, why isn’t it there being repaired?
To get help from up the chain from Dodge the procedure to elevate the complaint should be in your owners manual.

Then contact Dodge. But why can’t your dealer contact Dodge??

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Since you own a Chrysler product, you should be aware of this problem.


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