2014 Dodge Charger - Everything at once

I own a 2014 Dodge Charger RT HEMI. 160k km.
As I was driving the car suddenly went crazy, dashboard lights going on and off. I could hear the gear locking and unlocking repeatedly. The Check Engine, Tires, and ABS lights have all appeared. It gave me two messages; “Service Transmission” and “Service Power Steering System”. Fortunately I was near my place, so I parked the car and I restarted it about an hour later and everything came up again and the steering wheel was extremely heavy.
Can you please help me figure out what the hell is wrong with my car?

We might be able to help if you have the codes read and post them here. Format is P0123.

Could check battery, charging system and connections.

Well, first off, the power steering has failed.

Given your question, I figure you are not a Diy mechanic. I suggest you take it into a well rated independent mechanic for diagnosis. Expect to pay for that diagnosis.