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Car problem

Ok so I have a 2006 Dodge charger with a 2.7L engine. The car only has about 140,000miles on it. I drove the car every day since I bout it without any problems for about 7 months or 25,000 miles. All of a sudden I was driving around one day stopped at the store came back and my engine light was on along with the power light. When I went to pull out was like I had no power in the motor. It wouldn’t go over 2500 rpm and would hardly pick up speed but xoucould get it up to 50 mph. So I checked the codes and got ones for a misfire in cylinder 1, something for the o2 sensor, #1&#2, camshaft position sensor code, and a code for either something to do with coolant or temperature.

   Now I've tried everything from putting dry gas in it to changing all 4 of the o2 sensors, I've replaced coil packs and spark plugs, coolant temperature sensor, camshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor and still does the same thing.

Now the odd thing is if it’s cold it starts right up and drives normal but as soon as as the engine warms up the power light comes on the dash and it starts acting up again. I’ll lose acceleration, like I can floor it but it won’t rev over 2500 RPM and then when I’m idle the engine starts to chug and just runs like crap. Eventually it will stall out and then in order to start it u have to either crank it for 15-30sec or crank it and floor it to get it to even start and it stays running like crap until I shit it off and let it sit long enough to let the engine temp go down to nothing.

Ive brought it to a mechanic and it has us completely stumped and have no idea what to do or even try next.

If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you

Change the crankshaft position sensor

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Take it to a better mechanic.

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