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2014 Dodge Avenger - Ticking

There is a loud ticking noise coming from my steering wheel it seems like, it sounds almost like a mosquito, or like a loose wire hitting something. It doesn’t go away, until I completely turn the car off and it is parked. It will die down when I turn the steering wheel left or right, but it will start back up again. I wish we could post videos, I have it recorded. Dodge said they would charge me $150 just to CHECK what it is, who knows how much to actually fix the problem. Does anyone else have this issue?

Power steering noise? Or noise from the steering wheel?

Check the power steering fluid level.

You put 'Check ’ in capital letters so that makes me think you are not aware of diagnostic fees that almost all repair places charge . Mechanics can’t work for free and if they find the problem and don’t get to do the repair they will soon go broke.
You can have this looked at by an independent shop since you are out of warranty.