Steering noise

My truck has started to make a noise early in the mornings. I thought perhaps a belt was slipping but now, a week or so later, I am hearing a distinct humming/vibrating noise when I turn the steering wheel in either direction. I usually hear it a low speeds but probably because the noise drowns out the sounds at higher speeds. I am concerned that I will either die from imminent and catastrophic steering failure or go broke from the repair bill at the dealership. Any advice?

It wil not be a catastrophic failure, but it can become very hard to turn if it goes. I would have it done a lot sooner than later. I would avoid driving it in the mean time and I would stick to side streets.

There is no reason to choose a dealer for this work. You should be able to find a good local INDEPENDENT mechanic who can do the job for considerably less than the dealer. As friends, neighbors and family for suggestions.