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2014 Chevrolet Spark - heat stops working

My heat stops working suddenly has happened couple times but today it happened when i was leaving for work in -22 had to pay $53 for cab when i just bought a car in July, what do i check to figure out the problem?

What exactly do you mean by “heat stops working”? Does the blower quit or does it start blowing cold air?

can you give us more details about this?

When the engine is cold, take off the radiator cap and see if the radiator is full. Tell us the answer.

Cabin blower fan?

The whole thing stoped blowing altogether even a/c

Chevy Spark with no heat! Get your money back :laughing:

That would seem to indicate either that there is no electric power going to the blower motor or that the blower motor itself has failed. Open your Owner’s Manual and turn to the page(s) showing the location and function of the various fuses. Many–perhaps most–cars nowadays have a fuse box under the dash, plus one under the hood, and the manual will help you to find the appropriate fuse.

After pulling the appropriate fuse, if you find that it has blown, then simply replacing it should help–at least temporarily. If the fuse is intact, then it looks like you will need a new blower motor.

Turn the ignition switch on.

Set the blower speed to high.

Reach under the passenger side of the dash, and with the handle of a screwdriver rap on the blower motor.

If the blower starts working, replace the blower motor.


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Thank you for taking the time to reply I am going to try your tips and fingers crossed it’s a less costly issue I will let you know one way or another the outcome

I assume your spark does not have climate control? Just simple manual setting? Can you switch dash control from vent to defrost or feet and hear any hums/clicks inside dash? This would tell me if system is dead vs just having a bad fan. Even turning the control to defrost should make the ac compressor click on. You have to do it in a quiet place.

Checked fues all seem to be fine and when I turn knob to defrost it makes a very faint quit sound like pffft sound like tiny burst of air sound hard to discrib

Checked fues all seem to be fine and when I turn knob to defrost it makes a very faint quit sound like pffft sound like tiny burst of air sound hard to discribe

If your blower fan is dead, can you change it? If not, time for shop.

So that’s probably what it’s sounding like that’s the issue is the blower fan? I don’t know if I can change it, probably not I’m not much of a fixing Cars type plus it’s -30/-40 outside and I have no garage or warm place to do anything…if it was the temperature gauge or whatever it’s called it would still be blowing just not get warm is that right?

Lynn , you do not seem to be able to fix this and have no place to do it either. You really need this fixed because is you slide off the road this time of year without having the heat system working properly that is not good. Even if you have to put this repair on your credit card have it fixed.

I’m not driving it right now because it’s so cold I’m not crazy I can’t even defrost the windows right now,I’m trying to figure what the problem is so i can assess the potential costs, I live in a city alone far from any friends or family and unfortunately a city known for shady machanic shops 1 out of ten showed to be completely honest those odds are not in my favor on not getting dinged with more coast then what is needed I’m the perfect type of person for that to happen as I would have no clue if I was getting overcharged that’s why I am trying to narrow it down the best I can so I can check around for rough idea of what it should coast me to fix

A blower motor is $130 and 1 hour of labor.

Thank you for all the help I’m definitely believing it must be the blower fan motor I appreciate the time that was taken to respond and helping me out so much with this!

Where did this 1 out of 10 rating come from ? Also if you just tell a shop to put in a new fan and that is not the problem then you are back to square one. Most shops now charge a diagnostic fee plus parts and labor.

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