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2000 Ford Expedition EL - Heater fan

My heater was working only on high and then one day it just stopped. When I try to turn the fan on it clicks but nothing happens. plz help

Blower motor resistor needs replaced, and now maybe the blower motor also.

It’s not the blower motor because the rear blower blows just no heat, just fan. Where is it located at

christina cortimilia

Now some clarification is needed. Does the heater produce heat anywhere? Or is it just not blowing?

It has the spin wheel that goes low, med., high. When you spin it it clicks but nothing comes out. The rear blower blows air but it not cold or hot

christina cortimilia

The rear is blowing but not real heat, when it stopped working I smelled a wire burning smell, and then heat was gone.

christina cortimilia

First things first. If any heater fan does not blow warm when it’s supposed to, your first priority is to make sure your cooling system is working or you can damage your engine. Do you watch your temperature gage ? Does it ever read on or near the hot mark? Then check your antifreeze level when vehicle is cold only. If your engine does not get too hot and your antifreeze levels are good, then you will probably need to replace your front blower motor resistor and check to see if your front blower works. Then you may also have problems with your heater vent doors. All of these things are located under the dash, above the passengers feet.

The gage read in the middle, when the heat was working it only blow in windshield location, and feet but never panels, my antifreeze is top off and the over flow is good, all where is the resistor located at, I think that is the problem. I already have the part I just need to know where it is located so I can remove the old one and replace it with y new on, I have the radio out, the heat base, and glove box but I cant find where that resistor is at? There is a big black box which the heater switch wire goes into, is it in that box?

Got this from the internet. Yes it’s in the plastic box behind the glove box.

can you send me pic of the resistor to make sure i bought the right one, plz

That is something a call to the parts store can confirm with numbers over the phone or in person. They will do a much better job as I might miss a detail and I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.

There are videos on YouTube to help you out. I removed the resistor first, then took it to the parts store.

ok thank you, but where is it located

Near the blower motor. YouTube videos will show the location and steps to get to the resistor. Most likely behind the glove box. Biggest problem for me was unbolting it, only enough room to turn the bolt a few degrees, then reposition the wrench. Other than that, fairly easy job.