No heat while idle

My air/heat only blows when I am driving, not at all while idle, also my defrost wont blow at all? Can someone help me? Its a 1997 chevy astro

The fan/blower isnt working. Did you check the fuses

yes i did

Then its the switch or the fan itself. Check for power to the fan. If there is power to the fan the fan is junk

How do I check that?

With a test light.

you lost me

If he lost you, then you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic.

If you really want to fix it yourself…buy a Haynes or Chilton manual and a test light. Your looking at about 30-40 dollars for those 2 items. A blower fan is about 50.

Better yet, get the manual and a digital volt meter. It does lot more than a test light and doesn’t cost much (super-cheap @ $10; $20 will get you a decent one that will last for at least some time).

If it is a blower problem (which seems likely) you can probably get by without the manual. Stick your head up under the glove box and find the blower - probably the big black round thing with a plug going into it. I don’t know the Astro - you might have to pull a trim panel to get to it. Stick the test light or meter leads into it, turn on the fan switch and see if you get 12V. If you do replace the blower motor, though you can also test by briefly hotwiring it to direct battery power.

the blower motor is on the right side under the hood.

Passenger side is easier and yes under the hood