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No heat 2014 Mazda CX-5 Sport AWD

I recently purchased a 2014 Mazda CX-5. Over the past weekend, I noticed that whenever I turned the heat on, there was a loud, whirring noise, presumably from the blower motor. This morning the heat wouldn’t work at all. I’m assuming that the blower motor needs to be replaced, but I don’t know enough about cars to be sure lol. Does this sound like it could be the blower motor? And if so, is that generally an easy enough repair that somebody with little mechanical-know how could do herself? Money is tight this time of year so if I can save the money on labor costs, I’d love to. I’m past my 60-day dealer warranty and the heat isn’t covered by the extended warranty. Last year I replaced the blower motor resistor in my Jeep, but I’m assuming this is probably more difficult than an old resistor lol. But I also want to be sure that it’s definitely the blower motor before I spend money on a replacement motor, so is there anything I can do to diagnose what specific part it is?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The whirring noise could be either the bearings or debris. Check YouTube for procedure to remove/replace the blower motor to see if you wish to attempt it yourself.
Check to make sure you are getting electrical power to the motor first!

Okay, dumb question because I need your answer broken down more lol. How do I check if it’s getting electrical power?

And definitely - YouTube is always my first go-to for car stuff. I just want to be sure that it’s the blower motor before I find a video on it and replace it.

Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

Danielle what is unclear is if your blower motor is working or not. If you have air in the cooling system or a blocked heater core, you will have heat problems and the fan will blow mainly cold air. If the issue is the fan not working whatsoever now, and it had been working but only on one speed or at full speed, then the problem is most likely the blower motor resistor, or amplifier control unit depending upon the type heating air con system you have. If so, its not a hard fix to do but you have to know where the blower motor is and how to access it.
This video should help

This morning it wasn’t blowing air no matter what speed I turned the dial to. This weekend, when it was working, it worked as normal (blew out more air the higher you set the speed to, ect.) there was just a loud whirring noise accompanied with it which did get louder the higher the dial was set to.

That is a good question. I could not answer until I watched the link Mike provided. I think you could unsnap the connector , black and red wires, then use a test light or volt meter in the connector.

Great, thank you! When I get out of work, I’ll watch the video and see what I can do about this, lol. Today it’s 15 degrees outside…my car picked a Hell of a time to do this lmao

So it does blow heat, but the issue is the way the fan is working intermittently. Watch the video I linked you to. Odds are that is the problem. Would be a good move to change the cabin filter and to try and vacuum out any debris from the top of the plastic fan circle part you should be able to see with the cabin filter out. Good luck with it.