2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Dealer says

Dealer is telling me I need a new transmission & Catalytic Converter. Not sure I can trust them as my vehicle is still pretty new. Has anyone else with this model had similar problem?

They may have but that has nothing to do with your problem . If you don’t trust that dealer then find an independent transmission shop for a second opinion . Same for the Catalytic Convertor .


Some owners have reported transmission problems. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Problems, Defects & Complaints In any case it’s out of warranty and you have qualms about the dealer so take it to an independent shop.

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You did not state mileage but your truck is nowhere near new unless compared to a 1993 model.

So. How many miles on the truck?
Transmission ever been serviced?
Any history of the CEL being illuminated?

Take internet complaints with a grain, or a 100, of salt. There are transmission complaints about every vehicle on the planet. Note that the Chevy complaints many of those trucks have way over a 100k miles on them. Left unsaid as usual is whether that transmission has ever been serviced. Odds are not.

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No, it isn’t. 7 years old is not pretty new. It could easily have 100,000 miles on it (but you didn’t say). If the new cat isn’t free, the truck has more than 80,000 miles on it. You aren’t telling us WHY the dealer is saying you need a new engine and a new cat.

So we can just guess that the truck is pumping oil like a well in Kuwait and blowing it out the exhaust… so yes, a new engine is indicated. Why not just drop in a used one with a new cat? Much cheaper.

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I may be in the minority but I really don’t think much of the Car Complaints web site. Too many people with old high mileage vehicles that think their vehicle should be fixed for free after the warranty period . So there are 9 complaints about transmissions with an average of over 80000 miles . No surprise there.


Those people fall into line with others who want to point the finger at the car instead of themselves. There was a Volvo owner on this forum many years ago who was upset because Volvo would not warranty a never been serviced 160k miles transmission which died.

I’ve mentioned it before but in the past I’ve gotten involved with corporate car manufacturer regional offices over customer complaints.
In every single case, and without one exception, the complaining customer never, ever gave corporate the full story. They always hedged the facts; either by outright lying, lying by omission, or both.


OP, for further help here suggest you tell us what the symptoms are, and why exactly your shop thinks the problem is the cat and transmission.

OTOH, it gives a snapshot of long-term issues with typical maintenance. Not every owner is going to make a report so you need to extrapolate from the data you have. GM sold more than 741,000 2014 Silverados and Sierras combined. There are an additional 13 reports of transmission problems for the Sierra 1500. Surely more than 22 trucks out of more than 741,000 had transmission problems? And if there were no problems there should be few or no reports, right?

Transmission problems at 80k might not be a “surprise” to some folks but my Corolla is 12 years old and approaching 125k with no transmission problems (knock on wood). The fluid was last changed at 121k. Compare that to my old Pontiac Sunbird. I got rid of it at 122k, at which time it was on its third transmission and barely ran. In the real world, some vehicles are simply more trouble prone than others.