2001 Chevy Silverado 4wd 1500 with 5.3liter

I am considering buying a 2001 Chevy Silverado 4wd 1500 with 5.3liter. The truck has 140k. Does anyone know if there is anything particular to this truck I should look for with this many miles. Truck is 1 owner and very well maintained but… wondering what to look for other then obvious brakes, tires , etc. front end? 4*4 components???
any help would be appreciated

Those are very good dependable trucks. The only problem I have ever seen with them is the fuel gauge quits, but a new pump will fix the problem. Have seen these trucks with over 200k, no problem.

Yes very good truck. The only thing I would make sure is how often the trans oil was changed. It should have been changed every 30000-40000 miles. Fuel pumps seem to last 100000 -150000 miles. My 97 has over 322,000 on it. The 5.3 I think is a better motor than my 5.0. I just looked at one at a dealer it had just came in on trade. Towed a 30 ft 5th wheel trailer. Had over 275,000 miles. The body was ruff and real dirty under the hood. You could tell they lived on dirt road. I drove it just to see how it ran. Boy I was surprised! It ran and drove great.

The only bad I have seen out of these trucks is wear items: brakes and occasional front end parts like ball joints. Front hub assemblies go bad every once in a while. These trucks really are nice and seem to hold up well. I once did a brake job on a '01 Suburban 1500 (basically the same truck you are looking at) that had 481k miles on it. It drove and looked like a brand new truck. The owner said they just followed the maintenance schedule and replaced tires, brakes, and the serpentine belt as needed to keep it that way.