2014 Chevrolet Malibu - Battery dead - key is stuck - What now?

My Battery Is Dead and My Key Is Stuck

The vehicle needs to be raised far enough so a power supply can be connected to starter where the battery cable connects for the positive connection, and to something metal for the ground connection to supply temporary power to the vehicle.



Replace the battery but for now, to remove the key from the ignition;

That sounds overly complicated unless the car is locked and the OP doesn’t have another key. Popping the hood and charging/replacing the battery would be the way to go. Or am I missing something?

That’s what I thought.

But from what the OP described, the situation is such where the hood can’t be opened.


We don’t know if the key is stuck in the door or the ignition. If stuck in the door and can’t crawl through the trunk, Tester’s way is a way to energize the system again.

A few weeks ago I lubed my door and trunk locks to make sure they work with the key just in case. They can go years with no use and be frozen when you finally need them.

I just got through listening to the 30 year anniversary CT podcast. One of the callers was a lady who was having a power steering problem. Ray told her to add some power steering fluid. She replied “is this something I can do myself?”. Ray: Yes, just open the hood and you’ll see a screw-on lid labeled Power Steering fluid. Sure you can do it, very easy. Caller: Ok, but I have one more question. Ray: Ok, what is it? Caller: How do I open the hood? … lol …


I don’t think a key stuck in the door would require power to free up. It has to be stuck in the ignition.

It requires power to use the key fob to open the door instead of the key. But I suspect the OP figured out what to do by this time.

There is no mention of the fob. The issue is a stuck key.

I guess we will never know.