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My 91’ 735 il is sitting beside our garage with a dead battery.The problem with the battery can’t be addressed until we get inside the car.Big problem is the anti-theft system was active when the battery died.Now the locks won’t actuate without power.Does anyone have an idea besides broken windows or going through the trunk?

Huh, so if you turn the key the door would not open?!

Can someone pop the hood from under and give you a boost?

The hood opens from the cowl or windshield area.I dont belive it can be reached from the exterior.BMW is very theft proof!
Lets keep kicking this around though.Thanks

Call the dealer service department and ask, you can’t be the first one to have this issue.

Have you asked your local BMW dealer how they would handle this situation?

I have never seen a vehicle that will not unlock with the key. The anti-theft system should be inoperative as long as the battery is dead. Does your BMW have a key lock in the drivers door? What happens when you use the key to unlock it?

I agree with Dartman . . . how can an anti-lock system which operates on electrical power work when there is no power? Also . . . can’t you push in on the door window glass and slide a “jimmy” down to pull up on the lock? I’ve done this with a simple small wedge of wood to hold the glass away from the rubber just enough to get a coat hanger down to hook onto the door lock and pull it up to open it. If all else fails ( the key, the call to the dealer, the coat hanger, the jimmy), call the police, a body shop or AAA and ask them if they have a tool to open your car. Good luck! Rocketman

Counter-example: Friend’s circa-2000 Camry had battery die after sitting unused for several months. By design the door key did NOT directly open the lock; the key only signaled the computer to open the electically powered locks. I forget how he finally got in, but it was something like having to undo some bodywork around the grille to get the hood open.

Can you get a battery charger + lead connected to the starter solenoid from underneath? It could be risky if you can’t see what you are doing; you don’t want to blow any electronics.

Thanks for the response but art1966 is correct in that the key only signals the DEAD computer to open the elec. lock.I do thank you though.

The dealer is my last resort because you know for a limb or two they will fix it and be glad to deliver it back to me detailed,fueled up and fancy.
I hope one of our SHADETREES can solve it here.

I stand corrected. You are right the key will not unlock the door it simply triggers an electric switch that cycles the power door locks.
OP: Try this using the key in the passengers door lift on the door handle while you turn the key. You should see the lock button trying to move. The key will be difficult to turn but it works.


OK Dartman.That is an interresting idea.Never heard of that.As it’s late now I’ll give it a try tomorrow.THANKS TO EVERYONE !!

Keeps us posted on how things turn out.

Will the key open the trunk? On this model, is the battery in the trunk? If you can open the trunk, you may be able to unbolt the rear seatback and get inside the car that way.

Have you tried having a skinny kid lay under the front end and reach up under the grill with his skinny arm to open the hood? I did this for a neighbor when I was 15 years old. It took me about 30 minutes to pull the cable that gets pulled when you pop the hood.