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2014 Cadillac XTS brake squeal

2014 XTS brakes squeal very loud, even after having new Brembo pads and new rotors installed. The brakes squeal louder now than before the work was done. Dealer service dept does not know what to do to fix. They just replace new brake pads again and are taking car on a “break in” today.

Brembo brakes are noisy. Period. I have them as well.

The best solution Inhave found is a light smear of grease on the edges of the pad and a little on the area that touches the brake pistons.

I had the XTS at the dealer for the 3rd time in 3 weeks . Pads were replaced again and had the burn-in. They said they did everything they could. They took it on a test drive and said there was no more squealing. How ironic, 5 miles away from the dealer, I came to a slow stop and guess what? A loud and long squeal! How can Cadillac sell beautiful cars that sound like this??? So frustrating

Lexus uses those noisy Brembo brakes on the performance models like the GSF and LS460 with the F Sport package. The LC 500 is a $100,000 dollar car and I can hear each one drive though the shop, noisy brakes.

There are disclosures in the sales brochures warning buyers that high performance brakes are inherently noisy, now there are labels on the vehicles window warning about the noise from high performance brakes.

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It sounds like there may be nothing you can do about it. I’ve been able to quiet disk-brake squeals using some 180 grit sandpaper on the disks and pads to create a surface pattern that is 90 degrees to the rotation direction. But a simple solution like that might not work on that style of brakes. Common sense of course says to make sure all the anti-squeal shims & other parts have been installed, and that all the surfaces that are supposed to be lubed w/brake grease have been.

Does this car have the V-Sport package with the twin turbo 410 horse power V-6? That would be a performance orientated car.