2013 Toyota Venza - Cable cut

The lever cable for lowering the back seat isn’t working. I can’t get at the back bolts that attach the seat to the frame.
This happened with my 2009 Venza and that was under a warrenty so it can be fixed.

I am not familiar with your vehicle but I think if you go in through the rear hatch there is a panel on the floor behind the seat. if you open it you can get to the cable, from what I have read.

found this on a toyota site…

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I just did and neither worked (didn’t know about the cargo latch previously).

Here’s what I did:

  • In the cargo area remove the hinge cover panel at the bottom of the 2 rear seats. It’s a snap fit and easy to remove. You will need to remove the spare and 2 side compartment covers first.
  • The rear cable fitting is easiest to see as it sits in the cavity behind the seat. There is a fitting where the cable mates, 1 end has tape applied at the factory. In my case the non-taped end had slipped off. I put it back on and taped that end as well.
  • The front latch (at seat bottom side) cable fitting is under the seat bottom. You can see this from the cargo area when the seat back is partially folded down.