How remove the back bench of Hyundai?

The back bench seat of my 2011 silver Hyundai Elantra Touring needs to be removed in order for me to install a seat cover. Do bolts somewhere secure the seat in this model, and if so, is it difficult for someone with little manual dexterity to do so? Would it be easier for me to mail back the seat covers than install the back one?

I have not removed one on a Hyundai in awhile but most are fairly simple. You first have to remove the lower part of the seat, some years are bolted in while others use clips. Look along the bottom edge of the seat for any cover that may be covering a bolt if so remove the cover and bolts and the seat bottom should lift up and out. If the seat bottom is not bolted push on the lower portion of the seat in between where a persons legs would be and lift up on the seat at the same time, there should be clips on both sides of the seat. Once the seat bottom is out the seat back will be bolted on its lower edges, simply remove the bolts and the seat back should lift up and out.

it’s not that hard to do once you have done it, one word of caution the seat frames can have sharp edges so be careful when handling the seats.


Reach between the seat cushion and back rest and pull the seat cushion up to a vertical position. Then pull the seat cushion out the drivers side rear door to remove it from its mounting bracket.

Once the seat cushion is removed unbolt the folding back rest.