Stuck Car Seat on Camry

I have a 2003 Camry. To make room for a package in the rear seat, I moved the front passenger seat forward (power seat). Now the seat won’t move back again, but it will move up and down, and the seat back moves. Is there any action or repair that owners can do without going to the dealer?

When you push the button to put the seat back, do you hear the motor running? If yes, then the seat has come off the mechanism that moves it somewhere. If the motor isn’t running, perhaps the switch has gone bad and you can jump the wires to get it to move.

If you can do some repair yourself the seat should come out of the car with 4 bolts and then disconnecting the electrical plug. Then you can flip it over and see what has become disconnected in the hardware that moves the seat.

Before you pursue any repair options, make 100% sure there’s nothing stuck under there. At least in my cars, junk just sort of seems to aggregate under the seats and even something small like stray penny in the wrong place can stop the seat from moving.