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2013 Toyota Corolla Not Starting

Hey guys!

New here to the community! Have a question about my wife’s 2013 Corolla (70,000 miles). Have had no issues with it at all. It hasn’t been driven much due to the stay at home orders etc. but I started it up the 2 days ago just to move it and it was fine. But today she tried to start it and it wouldn’t start. Made the most awful sound I’ve ever heard from one of our cars. Video link below! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Sounds like it’s out of gas

We filled it up very recently before this all happened…but it’s possible.

I couldn’t see if the low gas indicator was on but it’s certainly possible. Could also be the fuel pump.

Your fuel guage shows empty.Fill it up with gas.

Man I am gonna feel like the biggest idiot in the world if this was the only issue🙄

I have the same car…a 2012 . Your fuel guage indicator is at the right lower side of he

I honestly did not even think to check the gas level. I will fill it up and check back with you guys lol


How many miles did you drive after filling it up?


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It’s my wife’s so I’m going off of what she told me :joy: but it’s barely been driven since then (if that’s when it was) so in short I don’t know lol

Gas level is 3/4 full with the key at the 1 position…

Different brand car, but I did a short move, and the next day it would not start. I put a battery maintainer on it due to many start attempts, tried starting fluid nothing. Being an obstinate son of a gun, kept trying. No cel or anything, finally it slowly puttered to a start, probably tried gas pedal to the floor etc. After it started all was good, and after 8 years when I traded it in never had the problem again, though I would not do short moves after that, drive around the block at least. Do not know if this is your issue, but maybe the brains in the cars do not like these quicke 5 second runs. Good luck to you! My best guess would be gas saturated plugs, but I would have thought starting fluid would help. Old fixer upper but did not even see a spark plug to pull, too old to try and mess with it.

If I had to guess somehow before dropping idle lower after startup and turning it off somehow flooded the engine.

I would need to double check but isn’t a 13’ Corolla direct injected?

This may not be as simple as it seems… If it ran after the fuel fill up…it wouldn’t be air in the system but it could be crappy or water contaminated fuel…?.

What state is the vehicle in at this time… no run at all?

This is very interesting…because yeah I had zero problems before that quick parking spot change in front of my house.

Just so I don’t mess anything up, you basically forced it to start?

I would go and try to get it started… Try at least 3x…it may have flooded itself due to the short run time and quick shut down… AND direct injection.

So I figured out it’s not direct but port.

And the video I posted is from a few hours ago. I haven’t tried anything with it since.

And to answer the question about contaminated fuel, I’m unsure. I live in Colorado and our “regular” gas is 85 octane. If that helps at all.

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OK… thats actually good in this scenario

It might be flooded. If it doesn’t start immediately, keep it cranking and hold the gas pedal to the floor. That will clear out excess fuel.

It might not have enough fuel and fuel pressure at the engine. Turn the key from Off to Run and back a few times, pausing a couple seconds on Run each time to let the fuel pump run. Then turn the key all the way to Start.

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Should I still attempt to start it again? Between my wife and I we did it 4 times in that one sitting. Her twice then me twice.

If that is the case and it was very recent… no. I would be interested to see what starter fluid does for you however… It may be just what you need to get the engine out of its current fuel state… Which may indeed be flooded.

IF you tried this long ago…then try again now