2010 Toyota Corolla - Trouble re-starting

If I start my car, drive it 20 feet, shut it off and let it sit for a day I have trouble starting it. Keeps turning over but will not catch. I have to keep pumping the accelerator and it will finally start with hesitation. Any other time it start fine. Could this be a fuel pump?

I think It could be flooded. I think You aren’t letting the car warm up enough so you are shutting it off while its still running rich in the warm up mode. Pumping the accelerator in a fuel injected car does nothing. Next time hold the accelerator to the floor and then try starting it. This puts the car into “flooded mode” and wont allow it to spray more gas into the cylinders.

Awesome. Thanks so much for the help.

This is VERY unlikely, given the electronically-controlled fuel injection on a 2010 Corolla, unless there is a problem with the fuel injection system. So it’s not that the car’s cold, it’s that there’s something wrong with either the fuel injection system (or maybe the ignition system).

Is the ‘check engine light’ on?

This was taken from a article on why fuel injected engines can get flooded.
“Probably the most common cause of this failure is short tripping, meaning driving a short distance and shutting the engine off. This does not allow for a full warm-up and fools the fuel injection system when you go to restart it later. It adds too much fuel, and thus you get the flooded condition. This happens a lot on Hondas. I can’t tell you how many times a car gets towed into the shop only for me to crank it in clear-flood mode for a bit and fire up.”
Of course it could be something else, “Leaky fuel injector, electrical”, but since the OP states this only happens when he starts the car, moves it 20ft and shuts it off It seems to me to be the the most likely cause.

Having driven FI cars for 35+ years, I’ve never had this happen, in Anchorage or in Dallas. Where was that published?

With all due respect to Eric, this isn’t a Honda, it is a Toyota.

I, like @texas, have never experienced this on any car from nearly Arctic Circle Sweden cold to Death Valley heat in many different brands of cars, including Hondas.

If I start my car, drive it 20 feet, shut it off and let it sit for a day I have trouble starting it.
Any other time it start fine. Could this be a fuel pump?

if i start my car and move it 20ft, shut it off and try and restart it immediately does it start?
your post says it will start at “any other time”? except when i let it sit for a day

if i start my car and drive for 1hr and shut it off. will it restart immediately if i try it?

I lived and worked at a repair shop in Fairbanks Ak for 6 or 7 years and I have seen this happen before. It would happen when we would start the car outside in cold temps then drive in the shop and shut it off. Then have trouble starting later. Usually just an hour or so later not a day…It was rare but I have seen it happen before.
Couldn’t tell you what makes where more prone to it though.
EDIT: I didn’t live at the repair shop:)

I don’t doubt your experience. I just have never experienced it. Not even with the POS Renault Laguna we rented Sweden!

@bob32 - what was the temperature outside when it happened? Super cold?

I’ve had this happen to me.

Pull a cold vehicle out of the shop and shut it off. Come back a while later to restart the vehicle, the engine cranks over but doesn’t start. Hold the gas pedal to the floor and the engine starts.


And that’s what OP should do the next time this happens. Let’s see if flood-clear makes the problem go away, because then we’ll know what is or isn’t causing the no-start.