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2013 Toyota Corolla - No Start

I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla professional. The car cranks but does not start. I have replaced the coils and spark plugs and they is spark. Checked the injectors and they are working fine, checked the timing and its fine. Checked all fuses and they are ok. The only error i got was for a MAF Sensor of which i bought a new one but still the car does not start. I even tried to push start it but it does not start. Can someone help me with this problem.

Is there fuel getting to the engine?


Yes they is fuel and spark.

What did you do to verify the timing?

And have you checked compression?

did you replace the coils because of the no start?

or did the no start begin after you replaced the coils?

I changed because of the no start

I opened the timing cover and turned the crankshaft till the three marks aligned two on top and one next to the crankshaft.


Did you change anything to make that happen? Is the timing belt broken? Was it?

sounds like he only turned one pulley which got all 3 marks aligned as normal.

But we still don’t know if there’s any compression.

I did not change anything. I only opened the timing cover to check if the timing was ok. I turned its several times to make sure the timing is correct.

It has a timing chain not belt.