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98 Toyota Corolla won't start

My 98 corolla (with ~150,000 miles)did not start properly about a month ago. On some days, it would crank (with ticking sounds)and then start and some days it would not at all.

The battery is still okay. We replaced the starter but it still won’t work. We took the alternator to the an auto store and they said the alternator is fine.

Why won’t my car work?

“Cranking” doesn’t come out with a click - clicks are usually what are described when there is not cranking. So - when you turn the key does it always “turn over” - sounds like it would start if…? Or when you turn the key does it do nothing but click?

If it is turning over, there are only 3 things to look at: spark, fuel, air. An air problem will be unlikely to lead to a no start (unless it starts for a second and immediately stalls. If that happens then say so).

So…go to an auto parts store - buy a can of starter fluid and a spark tester. The next time it won’t start follow the directions on the spark tester and see if you have spark. If not then you know to look at the ignition system. If you verify spark, pull off your intake tube (big black one after the air filter), shoot starter fluid into the intake. If that gets it to fire up, even if briefly, then you know the problem is fuel.

Unless maybe this is only a warm restart problem…