Will not start



1990 toyoto 1.6 stoped running replaced plugs wires it geting fuel i pulled the spack plugs i say them spack one time if the alt is bad will it not start it truns over i looked in side the oil cap and say everthing truning i do not thing it is the timeing belt


I sense a struggle with the language here.

May I interpret?

Your 1990 Toyota 1.6 stopped running. You replaced the plugs and wires and verified that there is spark to the plugs by pulling a wire and cranking the engine. You’ve verified visually that it is indeed getting fuel. It cranks freely and the view from the oil filler cap shows that the valve train is working, eliminating the timing chain/belt as the cause of the no start condition.

I’m not sure how the alternator comes into play here …but…

My only follow up question/comment is: You say you saw it spark “ONE TIME”. Often if a module is bad, it will deliver ONE spark. When cranking you should see multiple sparks from the wire as long as you are cranking.


How about doing a compression test?


There should be 1 to 2 sparks each second the engine is cranking. If there is little spark, it could be bad distributor cap, ir rotor. How old are they?


i got it fix it was the coil pack thxs