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2013 Toyota Camry - replace front and rear brakes?

I have been told that I need to replace both the brakes in my car as they are past their useful life after being used for 96,000 kms. I have pictures that I took of the brakes but do not know how to submit them here. Can some one please advise if I should replace the brakes (rotors, drums and pads)?

Save your pictures and if you doubt that opinion get another one. By both I think you mean front and back . Rotors , drums and pads , why not while the mechanic has the car.


Thank you for your advise. Yes that is what I meant. I need to replace front and rear rotors drums and pads. Can pictures be uploaded here to get some expert advise from the community?

What’s your brake pad lining thickness?

@ashok_saha_142878 you can upload photos from your device or your computer. In the box on your phone while typing a message do you see a horizontal black box with an upward pointing arrow? Click it. See the green circles in the photo here.

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Get a second opinion. You could need front pads and maybe rotors, less likely rear shoes, even less likely rear brake drums.

I doubt a 2013 Camry has rear drum brakes.

Having to replace pads and rotors at 96K is within the realm of possibility, depending on where and how you drive. Think San Francisco vs Kansas, stop-and-go city traffic vs highway miles.

all US-spec Camrys have rotors all around, starting with the 2007 model year

The brake pad thickness is approx 6 mm


Rear rotor

The minimum brake pad thickness is 1 mm, replacement is usually recommended at 3 mm. Did you have a complaint about your brakes that would have lead to the offer to replace them? Or was this just part of an oil change inspection?

It was recommended by the Toyota dealership when I took the car to them for a scheduled maintenance. I dont experience any problem with the brakes. The pictures I uploaded were provided by them but I did take pictures as well. I am just worried as the rotors are rusted

The pictures do not show excessive rust, it may appear unusual to people living in Phoenix but for the midwest that is normal. If the brake pads measure 6 mm there would have to be a reason why replacement was recommended other than wear.

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