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How much does replacing the front brakes cost ? for a 2000 ToyotaCamry

for a 2000 Toyota Camry V6

Dealer says I have about 3.5mm left on the front brake (“with possile caliper issues”) and 7mm left on the rear. They suggested I should have the front brake replaced SOON (like in a month), AND qutoed me around $350. Does this sound reasonable or is it too steep? My brakes do make a “low pitched” noise for a second or two when my foot first hits the brake while braking.

Does anyone known of a good shop that does brake work well around Mill valley, Marin County in the SF Bay Area???

Thank you!

In the Factory Service Manual there should be a min.spec on pads. Are you planning on new rotors? I don’t see this being a “1 month” issue. Tells us what you get for $350.00. If its OEM new rotors OEM pads a brake fluid flush,and caliper service #350.00 is a good deal. I doubt you are getting this.

Why go anywhere else? Go where they have free coffee and a good waiting room or a nice restaurant nearby. You won’t find much better prices in your area. Coco’s in Calabasas is 7.5 hours away so don’t go there while you wait.

Approx 25 mm equals a inch. so the back brakes have over a 1/4 inch, and the fronts have a 1/8 inch left. IMHO the dealer should speak in inches. It is time however to think about replacing the fronts.

thank you!!

Any mechanic (real mechanic) can change brake parts. I (me, myself, mwah, moi) would look for a shop which would change the brake pads, and measure/skim the brake rotors. This would be much less of that-hard-to-obtain-stuff.*


pads cost about $22 a set rotors if needed maybe $25 each at autozone and they can recommend a shop.i always to my own and it cost me about $25 cause i didnt need the rotors. $350 seems about $150 too much to me.i would try a few different places.private owned shops.

Once Again, You Are Wise Beyond Your Years, Car Guy.
Good advice.

Those $25.00 rotors are just the ones to avoid (se you when you have pedal pulsation) and when you have disc brake squeal or excessive pad dust you can blame your $22.00 pads.

I concur when spending twice is world’s apart.

A 9 year old Camry is hardly worth taking to a dealer. They are so common(top seller) that almost every garage is pretty versed in them. On majority of cars the smallest garage (even gas station kind) can handle brake jobs. Just make sure to ask for quality parts. The difference is not significant.