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2014 Toyota Camry - Brake costs

wanna replace the brake pads. how much does it cost? thanks

Depends on where you live. Enter your information in here to get an estimate

zip: 60563

Here is a story you may find helpful about brake replacements. From our partner site.

Along with that it is probably time to have the brake fluid flushed.

I always change the rotors. At the least they will have to resurface them.

it is expensive to change rotors. is that necessary to change rotors when you change the break pads?

It really depends on the rotors, best at lest to heave them resurfaced, but I have known enough people that do pads only, but for me averaging 80k between brake service rotors are part of the deal.

thanks a lot your reply

Are you doing this yourself ? If so then just get new rotors and the same time as the BRAKE pads and be done with it. If you are having it done then the shop will measure them and make a recommendation .

It is sometimes necessary, depending on the state of the current rotors.

Put yourself in the shop owner’s shoes for a moment. You have three choices:

  1. You could just replace the pads. Then some number of customers will come back to you with complaints about vibration or squealing brakes. Now you need to eat your profits by doing the labor to replace the rotors.

  2. Or you could spend the labor inspecting the rotors for thickness and runout, and replace them if needed. Labor is expensive, and you could quickly get up to the cost of just buying a new set of rotors in the first place.

  3. Or you could replace the rotors every time and avoid any customer complaint call-backs.

It’s easy to see why shop owners lean toward option 3 above.

If you’re doing the replacement yourself, then you’re not worried about the labor to go back in and replace the rotors after the face. In that case, just replace the pads.

It also depends on whether one wants the OEM brake pads, or premium brake pads, or the cheap-o advertised special brake pads from the fly-by-night tire shop on the corner. There is a major difference in braking performance from better-quality brake pads to bottom-of-the-barrel brake pads, and those who are planning on avoiding collisions and keeping their car for more than a few weeks are well-advised to NOT cheap-out on something as important as the quality of the brake pads.