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I have 1992 toyota camry recently bought 68k miles on it ok the brakes were bad so i change all four brakes drums and pads

with in a month my right rare brakes gon again pads all the way to the metal so i thought caliper might have gown bad i change the

caliper next month my left rare brakes gon pads all the way to the metal again i change the caliper. its not over yet with in one month my right rare brakes

gon pads completly so what seems to be the problem. Please i need your help


The only way brake pads can wear that quickly is if thet’re dragging. If you drive with your left foot resting on the brake pedal, discontinue this practice. If not, you may have a problem with the booster, the master cylinder, or even collapsed flex line linings acting internally like check valves.

Or, if my memory serves me correctly that car uses the rear drum brakes for the parking brake, and the parking brake may be misadjusted.

No disrespect intended, but it might be less expensive in the long run to bring it to a reputable locally owned and operated shop for diagnosis and repair rather than continuing to change parts. That’s my recommendation.

Are the rear brakes drum type? If so, the parking brake linkage can be very tricky for amateur mechanics…

Yeah, the rear brakes on those are self-adjusting drum brakes.

I cannot interpret what the OP is trying to say. I’m not trying to be the grammar cop here but I do need help understanding the problem.

Amman, you have disk brakes on the front wheels. They consist of inner and outer pads , a rotor and a caliper on each side. Your rear wheels will have either drum brakes or disc brakes. If they are disk brakes, they will have the same components as the front wheels. If they are drum brakes, then they will have brake shoes (not pads), brake drums and wheel cylinders (not calipers).

Some brakes for the rear wheels will have disk brakes with a tiny drum brake in the center, but the drum brake will not have a wheel cylinder, it will be mechanically actuated by the hand brake.

This tutorial should help

Please review and then explain what is going on.

I’m 99% positive that the '92 was still using drum brakes on the rear. No discs except in front.

The 92 Camry could have rear disc brakes.

If the vehicle does have rear disc brakes, replace the rubber brake hoses to the calipers. The hoses can break down inside where a piece of rubber can act like a check valve. That is, it allows the brakes to be applied, but when the brake pedal is released the piece rubber inside the hose keeps the hydraulic pressure to calipers thereby not releasing the brakes.


Make sure the parking brake is adjusted to spec, and if any of the rubber brake hoses look degraded which are going to the rear brakes, replace them. Older rubber brake hoses can collapse and cause the brakes to lock up. This is not an uncommon thing to happen.

There’s some chance this is a faulty master brake cylinder too. A good shop could tell you one way or the other. If you prefer to do your own work, this might be a time to let an experience mechanic do the diagnosis for you first, then just do yourself what he/she says to do to fix the problem. Or you could just let the mechanic do the whole job and pressure bleed the system for you, you’d get a better bleeding job that way and less likely to damage other brake components compared to a manual bleed, and with that, you’d be all set. Best of luck.