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Subaru Radio

I have a 1998 (2nd gen)Subaru Liberty (the Australian name for the Legacy)and the backlight for the radio LCD screen has failed, years ago I might add. The Subaru mechanic told me it was not repairable and that I would need a new unit. Is this the case-I don’t wish to disparage the mechanic but I tend to take the word of someone with the potential to sell me something with a pinch of skepticism.


The back light can be repaired by someone with the proper skills. Mechanics don’t usually handle these kind of problems except by just replacing the whole unit. You could send it in to a place that works on radios but the price of the repair may exceed the cost of purchasing a used one from somewhere. Check out Ebay or a salvage yard for a replacement unit.

You may also want to think about purchasing a new radio. If you go that route be sure to order an adapter harness also so you can match the original radio plug and not have to cut any original wiring.