2003 Honda Accord

I need to know how I can replace the bulb in the Radio/CD player plus heater and ac screen. I don’t know how to get to it to replace it.

Speaking from personal experience…you probably need to take your radio in to a good vehicle stereo shop where you live. The bulb is probably buried deep within the radio and will need to be disassembled to reach the bad one.

Concur w @missileman … for the radio the bulb is probably part of that assembly. If brave enough you could remove the radio and take it apart. But those OEM radios are very expensive to replace if you break something in the process. The heater and AC backlighting might be accessable by removing some combo of the radio and the glove box. This is where having the factory shop manual would help you out. If you don’t have that, try your local library, they may have the MOTOR manuals which is sort of an abbreviated version of the factor shop manual. Or the library may have the ALL DATA computer data base, which is a little easier to use than the the MOTOR manuals.

I should add the illumination on my Corolla’s radio went black about 15 years ago, and I just live with it. For the most part I can just push the buttons for the stations I want, and don’t need the see the display. I can read the display in the day if I need to, and if I need to see it at night I use a little penlight I keep handy. Whether to put up with this or take the time to fix it? For me I say it is better to put up with it. Life is a compromise I guess.

First, you’ll need this http://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/trim-moulding/5-piece-auto-trim-and-molding-tool-set-67021.html. This removes any bezels in the interior of the vehicle that snap off without doing damage.

Then it’s a matter of screwdrivers to gain access to replace the lamps.


How do you know the bulbs are bad? Do you have a schematic of the wiring for your car?

Here’s something to consider

When OP removes that radio and takes it apart, he’ll probably discover that there is no bulb which can just be unscrewed and replaced. The backlighting is probably part of a circuit board

My neighbor complained that the odometer and fuel gauge back lighting on his cluster were not working. I removed the cluster, took off the lens and the back cover, and very quickly discovered that the whole unit had not one single replaceable part. It was the whole thing . . . or nothing at all!

I showed him the circuit board, and he agreed that it wasn’t worth it to attempt a repair at this time

Thanks for the comments. I talked to a parts man at Honda and he told me that it was inside the radio and to bring in the bulb and he would try to match it. I have decided to just live with it like you say. Thanks again for your responses.