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Radio light does not go on -2000 camry

How do I fix the light for my radio? It does not light up. Is there a bulb that I can replace.

2000 Camry LE V6 155,431 miles

Are you talking about something like the lighted radio face? Or do you mean a light that is actually in the dash above the radio or what?

If you’re talking about the lighted face of the radio itself, then you buy a new radio. Fixing a stock radio is sort of like gluing a toothpick back together if you break it - just not worth the trouble and probably not possible.

If you don’t have experince doing something like this then your most easiest route to go is get another radio. I have done some for myself that did have bulbs in them and it is really a pain. The bulbs were sodiered(sp) in. Alot of times they are LED and getting the replacement part would be close to impossible. Best way is like cigroller said buy a used radio or better yet put in a new after market radio.

Small joy of an older vehicle. You can try and take apart the radio and find the bulb. However they are not typically designed to replaced.

You also can simply replace the radio with a used one from scrap yard or

Im talking about the face for the radio it self.
Thanks for the replies. Maybe Ill just get a new radio?