2013 Nissan Altima - Broken transmission mounts

Looking at a 2013 Nissan Altima w/166k miles. Transmission/motor mounts bolts broke. Is this common for the 2013? What would cause it? Is it a high dollar repair?

Motor mount bolts broke - common who cares ? Just tell them to have it fixed and call you when done or look for something else.


There are reports of motor mount problems on older Altimas than yours but the important things are why it happened (i.e., if it was the result of an accident) and whether the issue has been fixed on this specific vehicle.

By the original post it appears that the person is looking to buy this vehicle so it is not theirs yet . So I still say pass and find something else.


Nissan has been having problems with their CVT transmissions for years. they even extended a lot of the transmission warranties to 10 years or 100k miles because of it. our altima went through a transmission about every 30k. and my ex-wife is easy on her cars. so, if by looking at a 2013 altima you mean looking to purchase it. I would pass on it.


Doesn’t matter. I’d still want to know how/why the mount broke, whether it had been fixed, whether there were additional issues, and whether they had been fixed.


Broken? As in collapsed? Common issue on many cars. Like leaking struts. Shops like to replace these. And split suspension bushings. That are 90% fine.

I care. Could possibly be something I could repair myself cheaper than the owner having to pay someone to repair allowing me to purchase the vehicle at a better price.

My question was; is this a known / common problem w/2013 Altimas, What may have caused it and if is a simple or major repair.

But, thanks for your input…

I’ve requested the VIN to see if Carfax shows in accident history.

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I see a high number of reports for transmission mounts replaced to satisfy a vibration complaint for these vehicles.

Did you see broken bolts?

No, did not see the broken bolt and didn’t even think about asking to see them. Looking to purchase this for my granddaughter, she turns 15 in May and would give me plenty of time to repair the problem. But someone mentioned the Nissan CVT transmission issue which obviously creates concern.

I suspect who ever is selling this thing already knows how much the repair will cost and they don’t want to put this much in it. also their maybe more wrong than just bolts. If it was cheap why have they not fixed it and used vehicles are going at silly prices that don’t need immediate repair.


Not a bad idea but bear in mind Carfax doesn’t show everything. If you’re serious and have qualms, have it checked out by a mechanic you trust. In fact, have it checked out on principle.

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