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2010 Nissan Altima - What am I in for?

Any major problems with these after 90,000 miles?

No more than any other vehicle that has had good service . Sorry, but this is one of those open end questions that require a Crystal Ball .

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Consumer Reports says the 2010 is overall better than average for reliability; brakes and noises/leaks are the only below average systems. Are you keeping up with the maintenance recommended in the books you got with the car?

Thank you, I am thinking about purchasing a 2010 Altima and have been hearing horror stories about the CVT transmission. Just trying to make an informed decision.

Get a pre-purchase inspection. A 2010 Altima that was well-taken-care of will probably be fine. A 2010 Altima that was badly neglected may be no more reliable than a Yugo.

2013 was a major redesign for the Altima, and that year’s transmission shows up as average for reliability in CR’s data. The years after 2013 show trans varies from average to better than average to much better than average.

The CR data goes back to 2010 in their April 2018 car issue. From 2010-2012 the Altima trans shows as much better than average.