2013 Jeep Compass - Transmission overheated

2013 jeep compass latitude transmission over heat light on after 2 hrs of driving

Not good for your transmission.

If you don’t have a “sealed” transmission, check the fluid. Pretty sure your Compass has an electric fan. Make sure it runs when it’s supposed to, that the radiator isn’t blocked with bugs, and that the coolant level is correct. Inspect the
transmission cooling lines for leaks or damage. If you can’t figure it out take it to a good independent transmission shop.

Aged fluid and/or slippage in the clutch packs. The Jeep is 7 years old. Has the transmission ever been serviced over how many total miles?

Can you please explain what kind of driving this was . . . ?!

We know the “over heat light” came on after 2 hours of driving

But what were you doing?

Going up a steep grade?

Towing something?


I’m pretty sure this Jeep has a CVT.