Tranmission Temp Light

I have a 2012 Jeep Compass with roughly 100,000 miles. If the temperature is warm and the Jeep is driven at highway speed, the transmission temp light comes on. If I turn the car off for a few minutes, it goes off and may or may not come back on for the rest of the drive. Two different dealerships and my regular mechanic say the fluids are fine, the transmission is fine, and they can’t replicate the problem so they can’t diagnose it. Any thoughts on what to have them look for?

Sure, take the service writer out for a drive, show them the light, have them check to see if it is valid.

And maybe go to a different dealer or better yet, a good independent mechanic. This isn’t rocket surgery, it is pretty simple to check to see if the trans temp really IS high or the sensor is bad.

Also the CVT transmission could be slipping, the fluid might need to be changed, the cooler might have a problem (it is a known problem for the Compass)