2012 Jeep Compass - Are transmission issues common?

Has anyone else had problems with the transmission going out on 2012 Jeep Compass? We bought ours new and we had to have our transmission replaced in 2015, then again in 2017 and the tranny is going out again now. When we had the dealer look at it and replace it previously, they could not give an explanation as to why this was happening. I just wanted to know if any onother Compass owners had this problem.

Does this vehicle have a CVT? I think it may. Those are known to be problematic.

I’d recommend finding a Consumer Reports used car guide. They provide car complaint/problem area data for a wide range of vehicles.

To be brutally honest . . .

It’s time to dump this vehicle

I say that because a vehicle that has needed 2 transmission replacements since 2012, and now needs another . . . is obviously a piece of garbage

And be smart . . . the next vehicle should NOT be a Jeep


We had a late 60’s sedan, purchased used that ate fuel pumps every other year, never figured out why. But they were cheap enough, just kept replacing them until the chassis rust won the battle and off to the junker it went.

… or anything else sold by Fiat-Chrysler.


Was the transmission serviced regularly as per the maintenance schedule? CVTs seem to be particularly sensitive to not having fresh fluid.

I don’t know about the transmission but if I remember right, the Compass was never considered very reliable.

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I’m not seeing much of anything about transmission problema on that vehicle. Not on the automatic (CVT) or the manual transmission. Note that Chrsyler/Jeep recommends the 2012 CVT transmission should NOT be flushed as part of routine maintenance . If OP has been having a transmission flushing procedure done as part of routine maintenance, that might be contributing to the cause of the early transmission failure. (Severe 4WD rock crawling activities wouldn’t be advised with this vehicle either.) Refer to TSB 26-004-12 about the flushing issue.

Nobody else even mentioned that, but then you brought it up, for unknown reasons?

op didn’t mention flushes as part of routine service, so I’m not sure why you’re going down that road

you really think op is engaging in “severe 4WD rock crawling activities” . . . ? :confused:

In a Jeep Compass . . . ?! :laughing:

Maybe the transmission keeps failing because it . . . and the whole vehicle, for that matter . . . is plain and simple this :poop:

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One time I drove over the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on a 4WD road in my VW Rabbit. Just to see if it was possible. It was. Had to move some rocks and logs out of the way, but it was definitely possible.

That’s you . . .

I seriously doubt op bought this 2012 Jeep Compass to go rock crawling

I see Jeep Compass’s all the time here in San Jose. It’s quite popular by the numbers I see. I concur it’s not what looks to be a rock crawling vehicle, but I’d guess as long as it is driven gently on paved roads it should be a pretty good ride. The frequency of transmission failures reported by the OP are almost certainly not the norm for the vehicle. That’s why I questioned if the vehicle might be being used for something it isn’t designed to be used for.

The newer ones with a normal transmission are fine but the early ones with a CVT in them were garbage . I wouldnt invest any more money in it if you are footing the bill .Myself I wouldnt buy anything with a CVT in it whether its a Nissan , Toyota or whatever .

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Per Autotrader, this model year had 3 transmission types: “manual”, “normal CVT” and “light offroad rated CVT”.
The later type would be accompanied by the “trail rated” badge of honor.
@Daisey18 did not tell what type she has, but I strongly suspect that another “new” transmission will not last, given the trend

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